XJET3D unveils World’s largest AM facility for Metals and Ceramics

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Additive manufacturing company, XJET3D, celebrated the unveiling of the world’s largest cutting-edge additive manufacturing facility for metals and ceramics on 15th October.

The 8,000 square foot facility in Rehovot Science Park, Israel, was built on the back of over 10 million US dollars investment, and will house the largest collection of metal and ceramics 3D printers worldwide, comprised entirely of XJET Carmel AM systems.

Hanan Gothait, CEO of XJET, marks the official opening with Stephan Oehler, VP of Straumann.

XJET Carmel AM systems leverage on XJET’s patented NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) technology which works like inkjet printing, and produces highly complex metal or ceramic parts with superfine details, smooth surfaces, and pinpoint accuracy.

Metal and Ceramic parts from XJET Carmel AM Systems.

The new facility is a crucial part of XJET3D’s vision in pursuing wide-ranging multi-material printing, and is under the lead of XJET’s Dr. Ophira Melamed. XJET Carmel AM systems currently support printing with either stainless steel or zirconia, and the new facility will help facilitate the development and demonstration of specialized applications, print test parts, and do trialing of new materials 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

XJET Carmel AM systems lines the floors of the Additive Manufacturing Center in Rehovot.

The facility’s inauguration comes less than a year from the commercial launch of XJET’s first AM system. Next up will be formnext in Germany from 13 – 16th November where XJET will share their progress and vision regarding the printing of a multitude of metals and ceramics on the same part.

(Photos and video: XJET)

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