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Your Solutions Provider for Functional Ceramic Parts

Creatz3D Ceramics was formed in 2017 as a subdivision of its parent company, Creatz3D, with a focus in the 3D printing of ceramic parts. We provide ceramic 3D printing services using the latest 3D printing technology, Stereolithography (SLA), to produce functional ceramic parts to your desired requirements. Throughout the manufacturing process from concept to end product, you can utilize our know-how and expertise to make the best use of our industry-leading ceramic 3D printing technology.

As customers gain awareness of solutions, they are increasingly looking at actual applications that work for them. The mindset before had been that there could be no change once a design was locked down. Ultimately, it will be users' needs that drive application development, often in unexpected ways. The limitless potential of designing empowers us with the belief that 3D printing can change how we work, and realize the impossible that was previously unachievable.



Laser Stereolithography is an unique process whereby a paste of resin and ceramic is polymerised layer by layer using a laser to form a ceramic part.


This method allows for complex and intricate designs previously not achievable through conventional methods to be realised.

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