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Ceramics 3D Printing on course to reach 4.8 billion in revenue by 2030

The future for Ceramics 3D Printing appears bright according to a recent report on the ceramics additive manufacturing (AM) market by research firm, SmarTech Analysis.

Even with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the ceramics AM market is projected by SmarTech to reach an estimated 4.8 million in revenue by 2030, with demand driven by final parts, both technical and traditional, in the medium and long term.

While Ceramics is still considered an emerging technology, many companies in the industry have already developed serial ceramics 3D printing technologies which suggest that mass production is not far off.

SmarTech has thus projected that this dynamic will take shape 5 years from now, with the ceramics 3D printing market will hitting an inflection point after 2025 as all major ceramics AM technologies become fully developed and are established enough to perform serial production.

It also suggested that APAC countries, China and Japan, in particular, are already adopting ceramic AM at a faster rate than European and American countries, thanks to their more efficient methods of managing business and manufacturing.

Thereafter following this inflection point, the demand for ceramics AM applications will triple in size, once the market has fully recuperated from the COVID-19 slowdown.

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