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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Components by Creatz3d Ceramics @ Formnext 2021

Let's talk about Silicon Nitride! This #ceramic material has a high toughness level, being stronger than Alumina. It also has good resistance to thermal shocks, wear, and corrosion (liquids and gas) among other properties. These properties allow silicon nitride to be an excellent material for application in semiconductors, pump and valves components, and heating tubes.

Traditional Silicon Nitride is very difficult to machine, given its high hardness and toughness. Due to this, only simple shapes can be produced. With #3Dprintingtechnology, the production of ceramics has been revolutionised. Complex shapes that were once impossible to achieve have been made possible!

Creatz3D Ceramics exhibited a few of their Silicon Nitride Ceramics creations Formnext - Where ideas take shape.

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Components at Formnext 2021 (Left: Benchmark, Right: Heat Exchanger)

The benchmark showcases the fine and complex details that #additivemanufacturing is able to achieve.

Silicon Nitride Benchmark

The heat exchanger is an example of application to the industry, showing off the highly detailed silicon nitride ceramic component with a large number of channels. 3D printing gives us the freedom of design by allowing us to create curved fins that will greatly increase the surface area for heat dissipation, generating a superior heat exchanger that cannot be done by traditional methods.

Silicon Nitride Heat Exchanger

Isn't it interesting to find out how #3dprinting gave us the means to surpass boundaries?

If you would like to learn more about our Silicon Nitride ceramic components or other ceramic components, do contact us at, call +65 6631 8555, or fill in our contact form for any enquiries.

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