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Ceramics UK 2019

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Ceramics UK 2019, a one-off showcase of the latest in technical ceramic applications took place from 10 - 11th July at the The International Centre in Telford, England, with Creatz3D Ceramics being a part of the exhibition to showcase the capabilities of technical ceramics.

Co-located alongside The Advanced Materials Show, the exhibition offered the latest in carbon reducing technologies and efficient manufacturing methods offered by enhanced refractory materials and waste heat recovery technologies afforded by technical ceramics.

Mr. Sean Looi, Account Manager for Creatz3D Ceramics
Mr. Sean Looi, Account Manager for Creatz3D Ceramics.

With improvements in manufacturing techniques, technical ceramic materials that were previously too expensive or difficult to work with are now very accessible and versatile.

Added to the increased in exports to new markets that are excited by British products, there was no better time to match this demand with the use of ceramics to possibly increase production for creating supply chain needs that have not been seen in the UK for decades.

Creatz3D Ceramics would like to thank everyone who had visited our booth to learn more about what ceramic 3D printing can do. For any further inquiries, you may email, call +65 6631 8555, or fill in our contact form.

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