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Ceramics Expo 2019

With ceramics proving in recent times to be an alternative to the established polymers and metals, Creatz3D Ceramics Service Bureau made their maiden bow at Ceramics Expo 2019 held in Ohio, America to showcase their ceramics 3D printing solutions.

Over 300 exhibitors were at the ceramics-focused exhibition to showcase their solutions, applications, and there were also numerous conferences where speakers shared their perspectives of the developing ceramic industry landscape.

As end-user industries including biomedical innovations, hybrid automotive and consumer electronics continue to develop and advance their innovative solutions to boost output while reducing costs, it is crucial to look into the usage of ceramics which have unique characteristics and meet the diverse requirements that industries seek.

With the expo being focused entirely on ceramic solutions, we were honored to showcase the capabilities of industrial high-performance ceramic 3D printing solution and demonstrate how they can support the industry’s growing need for an alternative.

Creatz3D Ceramics would like to thank everyone who had visited our booth to learn more about our ceramic 3D printing solutions. For any further inquiries, you may email, call +65 6631 8555, or fill in our contact form.

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