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Advantages of Ceramics 3D Printing: Part Integration

This week we will look at how Ceramics 3D Printing can allow for parts integration and what are the advantages of part integration in ceramics.

This week we will look at how Ceramic 3D Printing can allow for parts integration and what are the advantages of part integration in ceramics.

So what is part integration?

Part integration is the ability of #3Dprinting to integrate many parts of a complicated design in the production of one component. Traditionally, #ceramics production methods are unable to accommodate complicated designs. Hence, complicated ceramics parts are broken down into several simple shape parts and then produced individually. They are then assembled together with ceramic glue. This assembly process leads to suboptimal results that can be improved by parts integration.

Firstly, 3D printed whole ceramic parts with parts integration can improve the mechanical properties of ceramic parts. This is because ceramic glue can never be as strong as the dense ceramic material. Studies have shown that assembled ceramic parts can only take less than 20% of the load compared to wholly printed parts. The extra strength from parts integration is unmatched by traditional methods of production.

Secondly, printing ceramic parts as one piece can greatly reduce the weight and volume of the final product compared to that of traditional production. For the traditional production of ceramic parts, there is a minimum wall thickness for every part. In the process of breaking down and assembly, there will be repeated wall thickness that will lead to excess material and hence, extra weight and volume. This can be avoided by printing the ceramic parts in one piece with parts integration.

Take a look at this beautiful 3D printed #Alumina Manifold with part integration we displayed at Formnext - Where ideas take shape!

Alumina Manifold Component at Formnext 2021

3D printing has really opened up endless design possibilities!

If you would like to learn more about our Alumina Manifold components or other ceramic components, don't hesitate to contact us at, call +65 6631 8555, or fill in our contact form for any enquiries.

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